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Torre de' Busi - Borgo Nuovo

Via Casarola - 23806 - Torre de' Busi (BG)


The Project consists in the retrieving of an historical building named 'Fracassetti’s Palace ' located inside the 'Casarola ' village, as well as the construction of two new buildings. The Project will give the opportunity to use the historical building for residential purposes rather as a hotel or a multi-building hotel. The Project could also involve other buildings located inside or nearby the village. Their volumes could be used for activities related to the historical building’s activities or for services, commercial activities, advanced tertiary services or for attraction purposes.

Torre de' Busi

The Municipality of Torre De’ Busi is located 25 km from the International Airport of Milan/Orio al
Serio, which can be easily reached through a State Road in about 25 minutes; it is located about
12 km from Lecco, about 22 km from Bergamo, about 30 km from Monza-Brianza, about 35 km
from Como and about 45 km from Milan (regional capital).
The main connection for Torre de’ Busi is represented by the Provincial Road SP177, which,
going to east, leads to the city of Bergamo, to the A4 highway 'Turin – Venice ' and to the
Corridor 5 'Lisbon – Kiev ', while going to west leads to the cities of Lecco and Como.
The closest railway station is at about 4 km in the Municipality of Calolziocorte (accessible from
Torre de’ Busi through line buses), which serves the highly active railroad between Lecco, Milan
and the Valtellina area which will be protagonist of the 2026 Winter Olympic Games.




Total GFA

the historical building area is about 2.500 sqm, expandable up to 5.000 sqm if other village buildings will be included into the Project.
Commercial: the two new buildings area is about 2.500 sqm.

Reference sector

Hospitality/Tourism, Residential, Commercial/Retail, Entertainment


Investors, Final users

Type of operation

Restauro, Nuovo progetto, Rigenerazione urbana e sviluppo

Investment type

Sales, Location

Asset Value/Investment Value

Historical Building: 5.000.000 € (2.500 square meters x 2.000 €/square meter).
New buildings: 4.750.000 € (2.500 square meters x 1.900 €/square meter).
Total buildings value: 9.750.000 €
If other (already existent) buildings will be involved into the Project, the value could rise up to 14.750.000 €.
The total investment value is equal to the buildings value less 10%.
Therefore, it will be between 8.775.000 and 13.275.000 €

Competitive advantages

The estimated sale of the retrieved buildings will be held between 2.000,00 and 2.400,00 €/square meter and will have a ROI of 7%.
The estimated sale of the new buildings will be held between 1.900,00 and 2.100,00 €/square meter and will have a ROI of 7%.
The estimated rent of buildings interested by the Project is 140,00 €/square meter

Competitive advantages

The 'Casarola ' village in Torre De’ Busi takes its name from the ancient hilly village constituted by the aristocratic Fracassetti’s Palace and eight houses used by sharecroppers.
Local people has always called Fracassetti’s Palace 'the Castle ' thanks to its notable dimensions as well as its architectural and decorative aspects.
The village is one of the best Italian examples of ancient agricultural settlement, it is located at an altitude of about 445 meters on the left side of the Sonna river. It’s characterized by gentle slopes used for agricultural purposes, mainly viticulture, and is also near to Saint Micheal’s and Saint Stephen’s churches.
Therefore, next to the village area is possible to develop agricultural and wine activities over a large surface of 300-400.000 square meters and offering, in the meantime, culinary services in a perfect Lombardy tradition.
The village is connected to the 'Papa Giovanni’s ' trail as well as to a dense grid of mule tracks that lead to the summit of Mount Linzone in Valcava, at 1385 meters above sea level. From Mount Linzone is then possible to reach many other Orobic and Lecchese mountain shelters.
Close to the village there are also pedestrian and bike trails that exploit the natural towpaths of the Adda River, which arrives to Lecco and its lake, up to the center of Milan (regional capital).
Very fascinating are other bike trails that develop inside ancient tracks toward to the hills of Caprino Bergamasco, Pontida, Palazzago, Almenno, Sotto il Monte, Mapello and Ambivere.
In the past, the Casarola village has had its own political independence: under the Venice’s Republic, the fidelity of the villagers and their high commercial initiative (which involved even Murano’s island) guaranteed their autonomy.
The last restoration of Fracassetti’s Palace dates back to the end of 1600, as proven by an ancient commemorative plaque.
The Palace has been partially used as a residence and partially used as a cellar for storing the huge wine production.
The landscape of the village Casarola is so charming that Italian Television 'RAI ' filmed there the first scenes of the movie 'Casomai ' with Fabio Volo and Stefania Rocca



1 km

Railway Station
Pontida (BG)

6 km

Orio al Serio (BG) - BGY

27 km

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