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Creative industry

Lombard companies reflect the culture of excellence of “Made in Italy”, the so-called product quality born of creativity. “Made in Italy” is the third best known brand in the world. Entrepreneurial skills, passion for research and innovation and cultural sensitivity have contributed to the well-being of the region, which has become the first in Italy for export in the fashion sector, for style and entrepreneurial skills.

Design Sector in Lombardy
2022 data – source: Milan Chamber of Commerce
About ⅕ of the companies operating in the design sector in Italy are based in Lombardy
1st region in Italy for number of companies and employees
2022 data – source: MILAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
The Creative Industry in Lombardy includes around 40,000 companies and gives work to around 233,000 employees
The Creative Industry sector in Lombardy hosts more than 300 startups and 19 incubators and accelerators.
+300,000 shows among concerts, dance and theater performances
The national value added, of about 23.4 bln €, is equal to 26.6% of the national total.
Milan alone concentrate more than 20% of Italian design companies

Lombardy Education System

  • 15 universities, including Milan Polytechnic and IULM University that offer sector-relevant courses.
  • ITS programs in the Culture and Fashion areas.
  • In addition to universities, Lombardy hosts 26 AFAM institutions (Higher Education in Art, Music, and Choreutics) recognized by the Ministry of Education.
  • Some of the most important international events in the sector take place in Lombardy, including the Milano Design Week and the Milano Fashion Week.

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