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ICT & Media

The Lombardy Region has a long tradition in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Media sectors. Lombardy is also the most developed Italian region in the data center sub-sector, as well as in ICT, both in terms of production value and number of employees. The entire supply chain affects the national total, which is equal to 37% of production and 35% of added value (NACE J63).

ICT & Media Sector in Lombardy
2020 data – source: “Il Digitale in Italia 2020” – Anitec – Assinform
Lombardy is home to 25.000 ICT companies (around 23% of the national total), among these around 2.400 are considered to be ICT innovative start-ups.
2020 data – source: “Il Digitale in Italia 2020” – Anitec – Assinform
Around 200k people are employed in the ICT field
The Region hosts more than 35 Data Centers, which employees more than 27.000 workers
The industry turnover generated in Lombardy is equal to 71 billion (25% of the total)
  • Milan is the most wired city in Italy, and one of the most wired ones in the whole Europe, thanks to the DIgital Transformation Plan
  • Lombardy is national leader for import and export in the telecommunication sector
  • Employees in publishing: Lombardy is the second region in Europe per number of workers in the field

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