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Why invest in Lombardy

A dynamic and productive region

Lombardy is an economic success story. It contributes 20.6% of the National value added (first in Italy and fourth in Europe). It has 826,000 active companies and the fifth highest employment growth rate in Europe.

>34% vs EU avarage,
in EU (€ 35.000 GDP per capita)
in EU for exhibition space in m2,
16 permanent exhibition centre,
600,000 m2

An innovative region

Lombardy leads the way in development: 6 science and technology parks, 182 innovative businesses, 11 CNR (National Research Council) Institutes and 267 in-house research institutes.

500 research and development centres
10 science and technology clusters
6 science and technology parks
Italian patents recognised by the EU are registered in Lombardy

An international hub

Lombardy is an international hub and is one of the top regions in Europe for hard and soft infrastructure. It also has a modern transport system (inc. 3 international airports).

4 main airports
Import: € 123 bilion
Export: € 104 bilion

Leading the way in education

Lombardy stands out for the quality of its human capital and education system at all levels. It boosts 275.000 university students and 45.000 graduates.

Master courses in Business Administration:
SDA Bocconi
School of Management of the Poitecnico di Milano

An attractive region

Lombardy is the first region in Italy for the quantity of foreign investment projects and capitals it attracts.

1,064,447 number of foreign nationals

11.4 million of foreign tourists every year

18,000 number of foreign companies

region in Italy for both the quantity and value

of its international trade

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