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Invest in Lombardy periodically selects the national and regional incentives available for companies and individuals.

The Invest in Lombardy team supports companies interested in starting or expanding their investment in Lombardy with a professional service that helps them in the search for incentive and financing measures at regional and national level, supports them with relationships with the banking system as well as in opening a current account.

Regional level
Lombardy Region, through the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund, provides investment incentives for companies and Startups. In addition, there are several measures intended for small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals: companies can get capitals to guarantee business continuity and have the necessary resources in this particular period of pandemic.

New Lombardy Region grant targeted at SMEs and MidCaps to attract new investment in Lombardy and for the development of existing ones. Grant are provided for the start-up of a new production plant or the expansion of existing facilities. Submission of applications as from 17 May 2023. For more details see the announcement.

National level
Companies can benefit from a range of economic benefits at national level. These benefits, depending on the territory or the size of the company, can be focused on the start-up of a new business, in different types of investments (innovation, capital strengthening, machinery, systems and software, research and development, in energy efficiency). Moreover, some measures are designed for employment and tax relief.

European level
The EU provides funding for a wide range of projects and programs in the most diverse sectors. The funding opportunities of the European Union cover numerous sectors including employment research, regional development, to name a few, in support of small, medium and large enterprises, young people, researchers and many other interested parties.

The Municipalities who signed an agreement with Lombardy Region to enhance the attractiveness of the territory are, according to the agreement, committed to offering an administrative simplification and additional forms of economic and fiscal incentives to the investor. Moreover, the municipalities are committed to supporting the main stakeholders in the area, in order to facilitate the dialogue between investors and institutions.

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