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Why invest in the province of Bergamo

Bergamo is located in the centre of Lombardy, one of the most dynamic and economically developed areas in the EU. Its central position enhances communication with other markets and boosts the prestige of the whole area. With a population of over 1 million, Bergamo is famous for its craft firms, which account for 40% of the approx. 95,000 companies based here.

Industry is very competitive and export-oriented. Machinery and chemicals are the main sectors, followed by more traditional Italian industries. Bergamo's economic prosperity is highlighted by the average per capita income, which is 14% higher than the EU average. Unemployment is minimal.

The historic city of the same name bases its economy on different sectors and SMEs.

Bergamo produces 4% of Italian exports (12% of exports from Lombardy) and in the last few years the main export destinations were Europe (two-thirds), North America (close to 10%) and China.

Location and infrastructure

A Bergamo hanno sede svariate università e centri di ricerca pubblici e privati, a cui è destinato oltre un quarto della spesa per ricerca e sviluppo in Italia. L’Università degli Studi di Bergamo offre 6 facoltà (Economia, Giurisprudenza, Ingegneria, Lingue e Letteratura, Scienze della Formazione, Scienze Umanistiche) e dalle sue aule escono laureati di talento che sono il futuro dello sviluppo economico e sociale dell’area.

Innovation and technology parks

Bergamo leads the way in research. It has two main technology parks: Point (part of Bergamo Sviluppo, an Agency of Bergamo Chamber of Commerce), a science park which supports companies in research and innovation projects, and the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park, which aims to create a hub of knowledge and technology for the benefit of innovation-driven companies and scientific/R&D centres.

Universities and research centres

In Bergamo there are numerous public and private universities and research centres, accounting for more than a quarter of R&D spending in Italy. The Università degli Studi di Bergamo has 6 faculties (Economics, Law, Engineering, Foreign Languages and Literature, Education, Humanities) and is a conveyor belt of talented graduates who are the future of the area's economic and social development.

Competitive companies

Bergamo is home to global companies and SMEs that supply all types of goods and services. Skilled labour is widely available, owing to the quality and diversity of the education system. Bergamo has the largest concentration of services to industry in Italy and is one of the most important financial centres in Europe.

Tourism and quality of life

Bergamo is a great place to live and to visit. The whole province has a lot to offer tourists: beautiful countryside, health spas, quality hotels and exquisite food and wine (Bergamo has a long tradition of excellent cuisine). A host of recreation and wellness possibilities also cater to all tastes.

Key facts


Aeroporto Caravaggio - forth among the Italian airports, passenger turnover of more than 7 million - primary importance in terms of low costs and cargo flights.


Location (near to Milan): Bergamo and Milan together are able to offer companies one of the fullest range of service for business in Europe.


There are entire, vertically coordinated, production supply chains in Bergamo for a very wide range of products in different manufacturing sectors and it is not difficult to set up new chains.

Innovation hub

7 Research center / Innovation center / Technology parks
  • Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park
  • The Agricultural Research Council - Agricultural Engineering Research Unit (CRA-ING
  • Point, the Centre for Technological Innovation
  • FROM - Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale Maggiore
  • Smilab
  • Nixe Research Centre - Allegrini S.p.A.
  • The Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources CNR (National Research Council)
1 University
  • Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Key sector


Mechatronics unites the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing. It is currently the most important industry in Bergamo and is undergoing something of an economic boom. Due their know-how and experience, companies can offer innovative solutions for industrial automation (especially in robotics, the automotive industry and electronic motion systems). Enterprises are supported by Point, Kilometro Rosso and its consortium Intellimech.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

These sectors mainly consist of SMEs who produce chemical products and synthetic and artificial fibres. The industry is very dynamic and has recorded excellent recent performance, mainly in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. Bergamo also has many cosmetics firms and a significant amount of creams, cleansers, lipsticks, perfumes and hair products are consumed here. Chemicals produced here are used for a variety of applications in other industries as well.

Creative industry (fashion & design)

Creative Industry Bergamo, close to the fashion capital of Milano, is the home of famous designers like Trussardi and Krizia, while fashion products and accessories are exported successfully throughout the world. Today, investment in research and innovation is essential to the textile supply chain and Bergamo can rely on the support of organisations such as Lombartech (Consortium for development and innovation in the textile and mechanical-textile industries), Euratex (Official European association of the textile and clothing industry) and a partnership with the Faculty of Engineering at the Università degli Studi di Bergamo.

Rubber and Plastics

Plastics are central to the local economy. Gaskets and rubber products are two examples of economic specialisation and innovative polymers and elastomers are used in their manufacture. Many companies are now top international producers and serve the automotive and agricultural sectors among others. The industry has also evolved into a "supply chain" of related companies that manufacture machinery for gasket production.


Lighting and IT

Lighting and IT Bergamo’s closeness to Milano means easy access to resources like research centres and financial services, specialist personnel (e.g. graduates from the Politecnico), as well as to millions of consumers and industrial purchasers. The sound and lighting design industry together with the sound engineering industry are modern and interesting market segments. A new fibre optic cable network has also been set up in Bergamo to support the growth in demand for Internet services.

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