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Agri food

The Lombard agrifood system is the most important in Italy in terms of production levels (equal to 16.4% of the entire Italian production) and among the most relevant in the European context. Its structural characteristics and average profitability of production are definitely above the European average. The presence of the Lombard Hi-Tech agrifood Group is the Region's trademark of excellence. There is an active synergy between the different players in the production chain: a collaborative context that encourages the exchange of knowledge and technology as an integral part of the production chain. Milan also hosted EXPO 2015: “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, a unique opportunity for Italian companies to demonstrate their leadership, innovation and solutions in a global context.

Agrifood production in Lombardy
2017 data – source: EUROSTAT
Lombardy's agrifood production produces approximately 16.4% of the national total
Cultivated land in Lombardy
2017 data – source: EUROSTAT
70% of the Lombard territory is characterized by cultivated land (about 931,000 hectares)
2017 data – source: EUROSTAT
On the territory there are more than 70 foreign companies in the agri-food sector, which employ about 20,000 workers
2017 data – source: EUROSTAT
The Region is home to 33% of Italian agrifood startups
2019 data – source: Rapporto Agroalimentare Lombardia
Among the top regions for the production of PDO and PGI products (34 out of 295 in Italy)

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