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Quistello - New specialised center "Q-Rehab"

Via Semeghini 1 - 46026 - Quistello (MN)


The project is focused on the regeneration of an old industrial building that today is used as a fruit wholesale. This old building will be the location of a new rehabilitation center.
The ground floor will be the area dedicated to the center specialised in post-traumatic physiotherapy: inside, there will be ambulatories used by the diagnostic department, rehabilitation swimming pool and gym, and day hospital service. The center will have socializing spaces for daily living.
On the first floor facility specialised in rehabilitation with classrooms for teaching and a spacious conference room for 100 persons are foreseen.
In the outdoor area there will be a building with apartments for families of patients recovered for long-term.
Furthermore, some residences will be appointed to elderly people of the town, who are still autonomous. They will be able to feel part of a small community and will have the possibility to use the public services of the center and the near care home for elderly.


Quistello is a municipaliy in the Province of Mantua, located about 150 kilometres southeast of Milan and about 20 kilometres southeast of Mantua.




Total GFA

Residential area: 3.000 sqm
health care and education area: 6.000 sqm
commercial area: 50 sqm

Reference sector

Residential, Education and Training, Medical facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes


Investors, Developers

Type of operation

Redevelopment, Nuovo progetto, Rigenerazione urbana e sviluppo

Investment type


Asset Value/Investment Value

Asset value: 2.888.620,00 €
Cost of construction: 1.8640.491,03 €
Overall investment value: 21.529.111,03

Competitive advantages

Sell 1400 €/sm (considering the entire surface of the are that i 21.543 sm)
Residential rent: 72 €/sm/year; total 216.000 per year
Rent for the heath care area: 66,22 €/sm/year (included with the shared areas), total is € 395.310 per year

Competitive advantages

1. Interactive care
2. Strategic position
3. Central focus on the patient
4. Physiotherapy training and education



13 km

Railway Station
Quistello (MN)

1 km

Valerio Catullo, Villafranca (VR) - VRN

56 km

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