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Cisano Bergamasco - Domus Colombera

- 24034 - Cisano Bergamasco (BG)


It’s a urban and building recomposition, where an innovative, multifunctional and supra-local neighborhood will be realized.
'Biocalore Srl '. owns 130.000 square meters in the Municipality of Cisano Bergamasco which are special because of their closeness to the Adda River. Those lands are very rich under a environmental standpoint, while remaining very near to the outskirts of the village.
'Biocalore Srl ' has shared this Project with the Municipality of Cisano Bergamasco. Thanks to its high versatility, it can be realized a health care residence for old people (120 beds)with a reception centre and supply of general services, or there could be the more classical residential buildings for old but self-sufficient citizens (settled in one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments).There will also be a ommercial/tertiary services area and residential constructions area.

Cisano Bergamasco

The city of Cisano Bergamasco is located 25 km from the International Airport of Milan/Orio al Serio, which can be easily reached via a state road in about 25 minutes; it is located about 15 km from Lecco, about 20 km from Bergamo, about 30 km from Monza-Brianza, about 35 km from Como and about 45 km from Milan (regional capital).
The city of Cisano Bergamasco is literally crossed by state road 341 'Briantea ' which connects the cities of Bergamo, Lecco and Como and has its own railway station, which serves the very active Bergamo-Lecco railroad.
From Cisano Bergamasco it is very easy to reach the highway network, in particular Highway A51 and Highway A4 (highway exit 'Dalmine ' or 'Capriate ').
The city has numerous characteristic architectural elements: first of all the medieval castle which, inserted in a privately owned villa and placed in a dominant position, still has part of the original masonry and an imposing tower that stands out over most of the town.




Total GFA

6.500 sqm: residence for senior citizens
3.500 sqm: commercial area / tertiary services
7.100 sqm: residential area
TOTAL: 17.100 sqm of GFA
This distribution is not permanent. It is still possible to adjust the numbers depending on the Investor/Manager necessities.

Reference sector

Medical facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospitality/Tourism, Residential, Commercial/Retail


Operators, utilizzatori finali, Investors

Type of operation

Urban regeneration and development, Nuovo progetto

Investment type

Location, Sales

Asset Value/Investment Value

The total value of the neighborhood that will be built by virtue of the Project is about 37.000.000 €.
This amount includes everything, even what will be built over the accessories surfaces and the garages (about 90).
However, if the investor will choose to limit the Project to the traditional housing for elder people (and therefore excluding the health care residence), the value of the neighborhood will be reduced to about 11 – 12.000.000 €.

Competitive advantages

The sale of the health care residence will be held at about 1.500,00 €/square meter and will have a ROI of 6%.
The sale of the commercial / tertiary services area will be held at about 2.000,00 €/square meters and will have a ROI of 7%.
The sale of the residential area will be held at about 2.100,00 €/square meters and will have a ROI of 7%

Competitive advantages

Nowadays, there is a very high demand for buildings and services specifically dedicated to the elders. There is much more demand than supply. Life expectancy is growing year after year, so are the needs for residences, caring and health structures for old people (both traditional and modern like the 'biovillages ' for people over 65 years old).
The location of the Project, being close to many capitals of provinces like Bergamo, Lecco, Como and the capital of region of Milan, and the rich transport infrastructure surrounding the city of Cisano Bergamasco, makes it easily reachable from many citizens of Lombardy.
Equally important is that the Project will be realized inside the beautiful context of the Adda River, a very ecological, clean and charming area where people can freely walk without architectural barriers inside beautiful gardens specifically created for them, where people can go cycling near the river on a already existent bike road, navigating the river itself and even hiking over the lovely hill of Ceregallo (with a breathtaking viewpoint).
Thanks to the Project, many orchards and vegetable gardens will be created by the inhabitants of the new neighborhood and the local agricultural schools. These creations will also be used for educational and vocational training.
The agricultural products from the above mentioned orchards and gardens will be directly used in the reception centre planned by the Project or sold through the local stores.
This scenario will have a very positive effect over a wide area, creating a large economic spin-off and creating many jobs, with the neighborhood that could even become a tourist attraction.



< 1 km

Railway Station
Cisano-Caprino Bergamasco (BG)

< 1 km

Orio al Serio (BG) - BGY

25 km

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