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Industrial Development Area - Via Panizzardo management

P.zza Garibaldi, 9 - 24043 - Caravaggio (BG)


Total GIA

23.700 m²

Reference sector


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Total GIA

23.700 m²

Total GFA

7.773 m²

Buildable area

15.547 m²

Area and building dimensions

Area size 15,547 m2 (land surface) - potentially buildable lot 5,608 m2 + another lot 2,165 m2 = tot. 7,773 m2 = floor area

Reference sector


Urban planning restrictions

No obligations


Not necessary

Investment opportunity

Investment type


Price range for sales (€/m²)

Private negotiation

Competitive advantages

Accessibility to infrastructure and services
Near to main infrastructural networks on the Milan - Brescia route

Versatility and ease of development
Large size of the entire area subject to Preliminary Plan for Area Coordination with possibility of modifications

Versatility and ease of development
Multiple designated uses allowed

Most favoured sectors

All (except for those listed under investments not permitted)

Investments not permitted

The following manufacturing activities are subject to assessment of compatibility: fur and leather manufacturing industries; vehicle transport and/or storage with more than 3 heavy vehicles and/or land area greater than 500 m2; basic chemical industries; treatment of special and/or hazardous waste and industrial washing and cleaning of containers for chemical substances and oils of any kind; storage and treatment of inert materials and concrete production; industrial shining and cleaning of metals; activities that involve the use of mercury in the production cycle; industries whose production cycle includes galvanic treatments; activities whose production cycle includes industrial painting; rubber manufacturing; deposit and storage of combustible oils, fuels and gases, including for transport, with the sole exception of road distribution systems, etc. See art. 42 NTA PDR


A35 BRE.BE.MI - Caravaggio (BG)

3 km

Ex Strada Statale 11

< 1 km

Strada Provinciale 185

< 1 km

Railway Station
Stazione Ferroviaria di Caravaggio (BG)

1 km

Aeroporto Internazionale di Orio al Serio (BG)

25 km

Commitments and incentives by the Municipality

Semplification commitments

  • Guarantees that the Action Plan presented by the company is adopted by the City Council in less than 90 days from the date the request was registered.
  • Releases, upon a complete request being made, a Planning Permission in less than 60 days from the request.
  • Ensures an online 'front office' service or a dedicated section in the municipality's portal where investors or potential investors can find all useful information.
  • Uses and implements the 'electronic desk'.
  • Simplifies payments by creating a single contact for the payment of all expenses owed to the municipality and other entities.
  • Uses the SUAP [single contact point for productive activity] for proper additions to the Electronic Company File.
  • Guarantees a training course for the SUAP operators.
  • Participates in training programs related to the Electronic Company File.

Economic and fiscal incentives

  • Declares in advance all the urban planning and construction expenses, making sur not to introduce additional expenses.
  • Provides for an IMU [municipal property tax] + TASI [municipal tax on community services] tax rate of 8.5‰ in the areas identified.
  • Reduces the TARI [waste disposal tax] by 20% from the current amount.
  • Provides reimbursement of IMU and TASI debits and credits.
  • Reduces the primary and secondary land development expenses for the identified areas, as follows: Standard parameter of the Municipality: €/sqm 35.00 Improvement parameter for the identified areas: €/sqm 28.79
  • Reduces the qualitative standard and any expenses needed to change designation of use by 5%.

Qualified assistance to the investor

  • Provides preliminary consulting services and support to companies in the presentation and implementation of their projects, with the issuance of written opinions if requested in the proposal.
  • Holds regular meetings to solve any problems with the investment process and to provide support regarding methods for payment of local taxes.
  • Enables forms of collaboration with the credit institutions in the region.

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