The Municipality will implement an IMU + TASI rate up to 11.4‰, though to the application of a 10.6‰ rate, and a 20% reduction in TARI, it will grant the supply of at least 200 Business IT Files through the Impresainungiorno application.

Agreement for attractiveness between
Regione Lombardia


There are five settlement opportunities made available by the municipality: four brownfield areas with more than 12,000 sqm of total gross floor area - the Former Retirement House, privately owned, the Former Zanardi Barrack (Via Marsala side – lots 3 and 4 – via Kennedy / via Marsala warehouses), publicly-owned, and one greenfield area with 24,584 sqm of total land area, La Filanda, privately-owned. For all of them, the intended use is directional/office and industrial/manufacturing.

Regarding the interventions implemented thanks to the regional contribution, the Municipality has completed, among the others, the requalification of the areas close to the Former Cavalry Barrack and the strategic marketing plan, in collaboration to the multinationals located in the territory, stakeholders and the Pavia University.  

The municipality, through its participation in the AttrACT program,  had secured tax breaks such as an IMU + TASI rate of less than 11.4 ‰ (10.6 ‰) and a 20% reduction in TARI for investors interested in settling up in the proposed areas. It had also implemented actions with respect to simplification such as feeding the company IT file through the Impresainungiorno application.

In continuity with the actions envisaged in the tender, the Municipality is promoting the "Voghera Business HUB" project: incentives and concessions to encourage the establishment of productive activities in the city area. Find more information here.

In Particular, the following interventions are being applied by the Munipality:

Semplification commitments       

  • Guarantees that the Action Plan presented by the company is adopted by the City Council in less than 90 days from the date the request was registered.
  • Releases, upon a complete request being made, a Planning Permission in less than 60 days from the request.
  • Ensures an online 'front office' service or a dedicated section in the municipality's portal where investors or potential investors can find all useful information.
  • Uses and implements the 'electronic desk'.
  • Uses the SUAP [single contact point for productive activity] for proper additions to the Electronic Company File.
  • Guarantees a training course for the SUAP operators.
  • Participates in training programs related to the Electronic Company File.

Economic and fiscal incentives  

  • Declares in advance all the urban planning and construction making sur not to introduce additional expenses.
  • Provides for an IMU [municipal property tax] + TASI [municipal tax on community services] tax rate of 10.6‰ in the areas identified.
  • Reduces the TARI [waste disposal tax] by at least 20% from the current amount.
  • Provides reimbursement of IMU and TASI debits and credits.

Promotional activities and assistance to investors     

  • Provides preliminary consulting services and support to companies in the presentation and implementation of their projects, with the issuance of written opinions if requested in the proposal.
  • Holds regular meetings to solve any problems with the investment process and to provide support regarding methods for payment of local taxes.

Why investing in Voghera?

There are several competitive advantages that could lead an investor to settle in the Voghera area, let's see them in details...


  • Strategic location

Voghera is located in a strategic location, at the center of major Italian communication routes and European corridors, perfectly connected with the major centers of Northern Italy and with the largest European capitals.


  • Intermodality and optimal connection network

It has the advantage of being at the intersection of two important railway lines for the transport of goods and people, the Milan-Genoa and the Turin-Bologna ones. Within a few kilometers from the city, there are significant intermodal centers that allow the rail-road passage, such as the Rivalta Scrivia (AL) freight village, and the one recently built by a joint venture under the aegis of the C.C.I.A.A. of Pavia, Mortara.

The area where Voghera is located, thanks to its unique characteristics in terms of location, has been the protagonist of recent large investments in the creation of a sort of widespread logistics center, chosen by important international companies, because of the ease of reaching large centers and to be optimally connected to all the main routes.


  • Dense provincial entrepreneurial network

Voghera reflects the provincial macro-data and, especially in the industrial sector, mirrors a good heterogeneity similar to the one of the chief town. In the province of Pavia, there are 42,133 companies: 11% are manufacturing activities; 14% agricultural; 17% of services; 19% of buildings; 22% of trade (including hospitality businesses).


  • Highly specialized industrial clusters

A very strong value and identity asset for the whole territory is the agrifood excellence, which has also expressed its functions in an industrial sense. Small productive-industrial clusters of international significance in the municipalities immediately adjacent to Voghera should not be overlooked. Therefore, the Municipality has initiated specific methods of conservation and promotion of this food and wine heritage, through the approval of the De.Co. (“Municipal Denomination”), an instrument through which 9 unique local products have already been codified, both ancestral with a history that goes back the Middle Ages (Mostarda di Voghera) and more recent ones but equally emblematic. Voghera was also home to the Gallini Foundation, an important institution for the research in the agricultural and wine sectors, later merged into ERSAF Lombardia, accompanied by the historic Gallini Institute (ITAS Carlo Gallini), an excellence in the agricultural training sector for well over a century. Also related to the agri-food sector, Voghera expresses unique skills in the field of highly specialized mechanics for agriculture and not less, even if it is to be implemented, in the food packaging sector.

On the trade front, there are 590 businesses, mainly neighborhood shops, although there is no lack of medium and large structures, in particular along the axis of the Via Emilia towards the east and the municipalities of Montebello della Battaglia, Torrazza Coste, and Codevilla, where a sort of large commercial cluster, among the largest in the province, was born. From this point of view, it is important to highlight the presence of a DUC (“Urban District of Commerce”), which manages the governance of the sector under the aegis of the Municipality and in close synergy with the trade associations, individual activities, and Chamber of Commerce of Pavia.


  • Wide training offer

In addition to the aforementioned Gallini Institute, an excellence in the agricultural education, the University of Pavia has identified Voghera as the home for the Department of Sports Medicine (an important excellence in education and health) and of some inter-faculty degree courses in Physical Education Sciences.


  • Digital infrastructures

Most of the city is wired with a fast internet connection (fiber) and enjoys main national telephone services coverage with 3G and, in certain areas, 4G technologies and signal quality.


  • Wide range of services

There is no shortage of services, both of public and private in nature, which are important factors of attraction because they guarantee, to those who invest, a lively and livable city, ready to accommodate the needs of the workforce that can be emerge through the new productive or receptive settlements.

For more information, the Municipality of Voghera, as part of the activities envisaged by the Implementation Program, has created the Portal http://www.attractvoghera.it/ dedicated to the project, which contains all the actions’ contents carried out and the various contributions including a video spot through which you can learn about the settlement opportunities and the geographical context in which the city of Voghera is inserted and the strategic marketing plan.