Sesto San Giovanni

The commitments undertaken by the Municipality include the implementation of the Telematic Desk and the simplification of the payment management. Another significant commitment for the identified areas is the TARI reduction.




The area identified by the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni, is a 6,900 sqm privately owned brownfield settlement opportunity, to be used for industrial /activities: Sesto Space. The area has a strategic position with respect to road and intermodal connections (10 km from the A4 highway, 4 km from the East ring road, 3 km from the railway station and 13 km from Linate airport).

To enhance the area, characterized by a strong transformation rate and by a growing attractiveness index, thanks to the regional contribution, the Municipality has put in place some strategic interventions,. For instance the redevelopment of the traffic lights and signs, the better distribution of parking, the strengthening of pedestrian crossings, the removal of architectural barriers and the installation of technological oases (USB devices recharging totem, electric bike recharges, and Wi-Fi access points).

Commitments made by the Municipality include the implementation of the Telematic Desk and the simplification of the payment management. In addition particularly significant is the commitment to reduce TARI for identified areas.

In detail, the Municipality implements the following actions:

Semplification commitments

  • Guarantees that the Action Plan presented by the company is adopted by the City Council in less than 90 days from the date the request was registered.
  • Releases, upon a complete request being made, a Planning Permission in less than 60 days from the request.
  • Ensures an online 'front office' service or a dedicated section in the municipality's portal where investors or potential investors can find all useful information.
  • Uses and implements the 'electronic desk'.
  • Simplifies payments by creating a single contact for the payment of all expenses owed to the municipality and other entities.
  • Uses the SUAP [single contact point for productive activity] for proper additions to the Electronic Company File.
  • Guarantees a training course for the SUAP operators.
  • Participates in training programs related to the Electronic Company File.

Economic and fiscal incentives

  • Declares in advance all the urban planning and construction expenses, making sure not to introduce additional expenses.
  • Provides for an IMU [municipal property tax] + TASI [municipal tax on community services] tax rate of 10.6‰ in the areas identified.
  • Provides a TARI [waste disposal tax] exemption.
  • Provides reimbursement of IMU and TASI debits and credits.
  • Reduces the primary and secondary land development expenses for the identified areas, as follow: Standard parameter of the Municipality:
    unit contribution for a building similar to the one covered by the implementation program (Managerial): 210.60 €/sqm (161.20 €/sqm of primary land development costs; 49.40€/sqm of secondary land development costs).
    Improvement parameter for the identified areas: the building in question, recently built, well equipped, does not provide provision for building demolition and reconstruction: Reduction by 60% compared to the standard parameter of the Municipality for renovation work without demolition and reconstruction: reduced unit contribution by property (Managerial): 84.24€/sqm (64.48€/sqm of primary land development costs, 19.76 €/sqm for secondary land development costs).

Promotional activities and assistance to investors

  • Provides preliminary consulting services and support to companies in the presentation and implementation of their projects, with the issuance of written opinions if requested in the proposal.
  • Holds regular meetings to solve any problems with the investment process and to provide support regarding methods for payment of local taxes.
  • Enables forms of collaboration with the credit institutions in the region.

Why investing in Sesto San Giovanni?

Sesto San Giovanni, always identified as the city of factories, is now going through an important transformation phase that will make it completely different, cutting-hedge for the services and the job opportunities it can offer.
The enhancement of disused spaces and buildings to be upgraded for economic development purposes, especially the Falk areas, where the City of Health and Research will be located, and the Sesto Marelli production-tertiary area, which represents continuity with Milan, highlight the change happening. In fact, new companies and commercial districts now occupy the ex-Breda area, from the new settlements of the Bicocca University and the Industrial Archaeological Park, in which the MIL Carroponte Cultural Center is located. The area that had once hosted Magneti Marelli, now houses important companies’ management centers, hotels, one of the headquarters of the University of Milan, and the Falck area, still vastly to be recovered.
The Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni, demonstrating great proactivity and a clear strategic vision, has created a map of the convertible real estate assets, identifying a series of interesting and currently available spaces, reconfigurable in terms of use. The available assets, for which a new intended use has not been identified, are subject of careful reflection, both for the significant dimensions that require important restructuring interventions, and for the urban location, acting as a possible vector of creating a storytelling capable of expressing a renewed identity dimension in Sesto.
Today, the manufacturing industry has more than 7,250 companies in the local area and the commerce, together with the advanced tertiary and tertiary sectors are the driving industries of the new economic structure of Sesto. The area, which has an entrepreneurial environment made up of many small and micro enterprises with a particularly accentuated dynamism in the advanced services sector, sees finance and insurance (+ 19.09%), real estate services (+ 12.16%), education (+ 11.41%) and information and communication services (+ 11.26%) as the most vibrant sectors in terms of incremental performance.
The area in the north of Milan, in which the Municipality of Sesto San Giovanni is located, is a densely urbanized and infrastructural rich area, crossed by multiple mobility routes, both roads and railways, which make it a very easily accessible territory.
The Urban Marketing Service of the Sesto San Giovanni Municipality started a collaboration with the University Research Center in Territorial Economy (CRIET) for a research project that identifies the main attractive vocations of the city for sustainable growth. The socio-economic development competitiveness analysis of the urban area of ​​Sesto allows to further ideas to relaunch the city, enhancing its identity and taking into account the changes that have affected the territory.
A path that leads to urban regeneration capable of synergistically and collaboratively activating the forces in the area, thus generating a recognizable and appreciable supply for its socio-economic value, summarized in an idea of ​​strategic development that elects Sesto San Giovanni as City of Health and Culture.