San Giorgio Bigarello

Among the commitments undertaken by the Municipality, the supply of the Company Information File, through the Impresainungiorno application, ensuring the supply of at least 150 Company Files per year and the reduction of urbanization costs by 50% for the Valdaro 1 and Valdaro 2 areas.

Agreement for attractiveness between
Regione Lombardia


Available to investors for setting up industrial / manufacturing activities are in the municipal area, one brownfield area, Mottella Italia 3, privately owned, for 1,680 sqm, and three greenfield opportunities, for more than 32,300 sqm: AREA AECOC1 Via della Libertà (public property), Area Valdaro LOT 1 (private property) and Area Valdaro LOTTO 2 (private property).

Under the agreement, the Municipality has carried out infrastructure works to lay fiber optics in the main nerve nodes of the industrial-industrial zone with the wiring of the municipal headquarters, the implementation of the site dedicated to territorial marketing with specific data intelligence and monitoring activities (https: / /

Commitments made by the municipality include the feeding of the Computerized Business File, through the Impresainungiorno application, ensuring the supply of at least 150 business files per year and the reduction of urbanization costs by 50% for the Valdaro 1 and Valdaro 2 areas.
In detail, the municipality implements the following actions:

Semplification commitments

  • Guarantees that the Action Plan presented by the company is adopted by the City Council in less than 90 days from the date the request was registered.
  • Releases, upon a complete request being made, a Planning Permission in less than 60 days from the request.
  • Ensures an online 'front office' service or a dedicated section in the municipality's portal where investors or potential investors can find all useful information.
  • Uses and implements the 'electronic desk'.
  • Simplifies payments by creating a single contact for the payment of all expenses owed to the municipality and other entities.
  • Uses the SUAP [single contact point for productive activity] for proper additions to the Electronic Company File.
  • Guarantees a training course for the SUAP operators.
  • Participates in training programs related to the Electronic Company File.

Economic and fiscal incentives 

  • Declares in advance all the urban planning and construction making sur not to introduce additional expenses. Provides the following contributions for 24 months to the companies that set up in the identified areas:
    IMU "A subsidy on the IMU tax equal to the difference between the increased rate applied by the institution (currently 0.96%) and the standard one (currently 0.76%) for buildings of productive/commercial use classified in the cadastral group c and d, owned directly and entirely used for the performance of the activity";
    TASI "A contribution equal to 30% of the amount paid by the entrepreneur as TASI on the buildings occupied directly and entirely used to carry out the activity located in the municipal territory".
  • Reduces the TARI [waste disposal tax] by at least 30% from the current amount.
  • Provides reimbursement of IMU and TASI debits and credits.
  • Reduces the primary and secondary land development expenses under the form of repayment.

Promotional activities and assistance to investors

  • Provides preliminary consulting services and support to companies in the presentation and implementation of their projects, with the issuance of written opinions if requested in the proposal.
  • Holds regular meetings to solve any problems with the investment process and to provide support regarding methods for payment of local taxes.
  • Enables forms of collaboration with the credit institutions in the region.

Why investing in San Giorgio Bigarello?

The Municipality of San Giorgio Bigarello, together with several Public Bodies, Category Associations, Credit Institutions etc., has created the “Fare Impresa” project, an online platform, which aims to encourage the establishment of new production activities in the Mantua area.

Therefore, the reasons for an investment in the Municipality of San Giorgio Bigarello appear by browsing the website created for the project at the following address: