The Municipality is involved, regarding streamlining activities, in the utilization and implementation of the “telematic desk” for the constant monitoring of the practices and in the simplification of the payment management through one single interlocutor for all the charges due to the Municipality and to the other institutions. It also provides IMU and TASI 10.20% rates for the identified areas and to activate collaborations with the local credit institutes.

Agreement for attractiveness between Regione Lombardia and THE MUNICIPALITY OF LAINATE (MI)

Six are the settlement opportunities identified by the Lainate Municipality, all brownfield and privately owned, covering a total surface area of 11.300 sqm. The areas that are part of the Compendio Immobiliare Arese-Lainate, building E/13, go from sub. 706 to sub. 723 and they are intended for industrial / craft activities.

Other than the purchase of facilities and technological equipment for the preparation and enhancement of service centers and entrepreneurial innovation, the Municipality is willing to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan and promotional activities.

The Municipality is involved, regarding streamlining activities, in the utilization and implementation of the “telematic desk” for the constant monitoring of the practices and in the simplification of the payment management through one single interlocutor for all the charges due to the Municipality and to the other institutions. It also provides IMU and TASI 10.20% rates for the identified areas and to activate collaborations with the local credit institutes.  

Particularly, the following interventions are being applied by the Municipality:

Semplification commitments 

  • The Implementation Plan, presented by the company, is granted to be adopted by the City Council within 90 days since the registration of the request.
  • The Municipality releases, given the completeness of the request, the Building Permission, within 60 days from the application.
  • It grants an online front office service or a dedicated section in the website of the Municipality, where all the information helpful for the investors can be found.
  • Utilizes and implements the telematic desk
  • It provides for the proper feeding of the business IT file through the S.U.A.P.
  • It ensures a training course for the S.U.A.P. operators

It takes part to training programs for the business IT files.

Economic and fiscal incentives

  • It preventively declares all the urbanistic and construction charges, trying not to introduce further charges.
  • It provides an IMU + TASI 10.20% rate

Promotional activities and assistance to investors

  • It provides preventive preliminary consultancy and assistance services for the presentation and implementation of the project by the company, with the release of written opinions, if required by the applicant.  
  • It organizes periodical meetings, both for the resolution of any possible issues regarding the investment process, and for support of the local charges payments.

It activates collaborations with the local credit institutions.

Why investing in Lainate and Arese?

Among the main reasons:

  • Strategic location, especially considering the national and international logistics development axes.
  • Important attractive poles in the “Area Vasta”: the "Il Centro" shopping center in Arese, Malpensa, the Mind, the Exhibition Center
  • Good infrastructural endowment and proximity to the major transport networks for both people and goods.
  • Quality of life, constant population growth trend and a widespread well-being in the area, with a high level and quantity of services.
  • Proximity to important high-quality training centers, in particular the University of: Milan, LIUC University in Castellanza, University of Insubria (also based in Busto Arsizio).
  • High employment rate
  • Presence of a widespread entrepreneurial system and of international companies in various sectors both in the territory of the 2 Municipalities and in the “Area Vasta”, and of an important group of companies of various sizes.
  • Common and high willingness from Institutions and Trade Associations to create a favorable climate and to facilitate entrepreneurial activities.
  • Naturalistic heritage (Parco del Lura, Parco delle Groane, Canale Villoresi) and artistic and cultural heritage both in the two municipalities (Rete delle Ville, Alfa Romeo Museum) and in the vast area.

The Lainate and Arese municipalities are part of one of the most developed and fast-evolving areas not only in Lombardy, but of the entire national territory. Think, just to name one, about the Rho pole with the Fiera and the Expo Area (now Arexpo), with MIND, the Milan Innovation District, a district of Science, Knowledge and Innovation, capable of promoting the local excellences in the scientific, medical, pharmaceutical, and life-sciences research.

The area's redevelopment program is based upon solid and concrete foundations expressed as six main "pillars":

  • the Human Technopole Research Institute: the new Italian life-sciences research institute which, when fully operational, will occupy a built area covering approximately 30,000 sqm and will employ 1,500 people;
  • the IRCCS "Galeazzi" Hospital: a hospital for the healthcare of the future, with a built area of ​​about 150,000 sqm, over 500 beds, about 700 doctors, 1,100 nurses and auxiliaries, and 500 people among researchers, students and postgraduates;
  • the new Scientific Campus of the State University of Milan: a state-of-the-art structure that will have a built area of ​​approximately 150,000 sqm and will host approximately 18,000 students;
  • The Cascina Triulza Complex: a cornerstone of the legacy of Expo Milano 2015. It is the social hub of MIND, the multifunctional center for training and cultural and scientific communication, the meeting and connection point with the territory and with Third Sector organizations;
  • A mix of intended uses, functions, infrastructures and high-density services, up to a maximum of about 480,000 sqm of GFA and a green thematic park, covering an area of ​​over 440,000 sqm and characterized by the high quality of public spaces.


However, the territory is wider: the so-called Vasta Area, in which economic, sectoral and social transformations are underway, offers development opportunities, to the advantage of those who will settle primarily in the area promoted through the AttrACT program, but, more in general, in the overall economic system of the two municipalities.

The two municipalities are also part of the Rhodense Interinstitutional Table and make use of the Area Plans: tools for the enhancement of super-local identities, for the management of critical issues and territorial opportunities.

They are positioned in the heart of the cluster called the Milanese Logistics Region (RLM), a logistic densification area serving the North-West economic system, the main pole for the generation and attraction of goods to and from Italy. According to a research carried out by LIUC in Castellanza, the numbers of the RLM are equivalent to:

  • 1,500 logistics service companies,
  • More than 15,000 road haulage companies,
  • 20 billion euros turnover, equal to about 26% of the Italian market

The logistical significance of the area is also clear, thanks to the presence of numerous key points for the sorting of goods and of logistics hubs which, although not present in the territory of the two municipalities, deserve to be mentioned:

  • The Hupac terminal in Busto Arsizio-Gallarate, one of the major hubs for European intermodal transport and an important resource for ensuring efficient logistical flows in support of the Italian import / export. It is the largest freight village between rail and road in Europe, which combines the strengths of a large structure for road / rail transshipment. Hupac Spa employs about 200 employees, not counting the associated activities in small and medium-sized companies in the area, first of all the thousand drivers who pass through the terminal every day.
  • Alpitransit: a system of high-speed railway lines of the Swiss Confederation, designed to increase the shares of goods and people transported by rail across the Alps, which reduces the impact on the environment thanks to the three new base tunnels of the Lötschberg, of the Ceneri and the San Gottardo;
  • TEN-T networks, or European transport networks, a set of linear infrastructures (rail, road and fluvial) aimed at guaranteeing the free movement of goods and people in Europe.

Furthermore, the coverage of the technological infrastructures of the municipalities of Lainate and Arese is a high level one. The presence of multiple types of connection and operators (4G, Fixed Network covered by ADSL and Fixed Wireless FWA service guaranteed on almost the entire territory of the two Municipalities) makes sure that you can choose the solution that best suits your business needs and manage high levels of data flows, for both mission critical activities and support activities (such as remote data backup).

The Alfa Romeo Automobile Company has operated in the territories of the Municipalities of Arese and Lainate for a very long time and has distinguished itself in the world for technology, innovation and quality automotive products, now “IL CENTRO”, the largest Shipping Center in Italy, has been built at the former Alfa Romeo factories.

Among the companies and associations present in the area: