The Municipality has dedicated itself to expanding the activation of online payments also for the rights inherent to the activities of the One Stop Shop for Productive Activities. Regarding economic and tax incentive interventions, the Administration provides for a maximum IMU + TASI rate of 10.60 ‰, as well as the compensation for debts and credits deriving from the two taxes.

Agreement for attractiveness between
Regione Lombardia


The Municipality of Casalpusterlengo offers the CIMI geenfield area, privately owned, of 139,000 square meters of territorial surface to be used for industrial / artisanal activities. Following the signing of the attractiveness Agreement, Casalpusterlengo redeveloped a road linking the settlement opportunity, to improve its accessibility and safety, also renovated the municipal building, housing the municipal offices relating to the one-stop shops for construction and production activities.

Regarding the streamlining commitments, the Municipality has dedicated itself to expanding the activation of online payments also for the rights inherent to the activities of the One Stop Shop for Productive Activities. Regarding economic and tax incentive interventions, the Administration provides for a maximum IMU + TASI rate of 10.60 ‰, as well as the compensation for debts and credits deriving from the two taxes.

Particularly, the following measures / incentives are being applied by the Municipality:

Semplification commitments

  • Guarantees that the Action Plan presented by the company is adopted by the City Council in less than 90 days from the date the request was registered.
  • Releases, upon a complete request being made, a Planning Permission in less than 60 days from the request.
  • Ensures an online 'front office' service or a dedicated section in the municipality's portal where investors or potential investors can find all useful information.
  • Uses and implements the 'electronic desk'.
  • Simplifies payments by creating a single contact for the payment of all expenses owed to the municipality and other entities.
  • Uses the SUAP [single contact point for productive activity] for proper additions to the Electronic Company File.
  • Guarantees a training course for the SUAP operators.
  • Participates in training programs related to the Electronic Company File.

Economic and fiscal incentives

  • Declares in advance all the urban planning and construction expenses, making sure not to introduce additional expenses.
  • Provides for an IMU [municipal property tax] + TASI [municipal tax on community services] tax rate of 11.4‰ in the areas identified.
  • Reduces the TARI [waste disposal tax] by 20% from the current amount.
  • Provides reimbursement of IMU and TASI debits and credits.
  • Reduces the primary and secondary land development expenses by 20%.
  • Reduces the qualitative standard and any expenses needed to change designation of use by 10%.

Promotional activities and assistance to investors

  • Provides preliminary consulting services and support to companies in the presentation and implementation of their projects, with the issuance of written opinions if requested in the proposal.
  • Holds regular meetings to solve any problems with the investment process and to provide support regarding methods for payment of local taxes.
  • Enables forms of collaboration with the credit institutions in the region.

Why invest in Casalpusterlengo?

The Lodi area maintains a strong agro-food vocation linked to the characteristics of the territory and confirmed by the inclusion of some municipalities in the Metadistrict of Food Biotechnology and in the cluster of High Agro-food Technology, and by the presence on the territory of the University Pole and research dedicated to the livestock and agri-food sectors.

With meta-districts, the main objective of the Region is to define “production excellences” areas, capable of representing development centers with a high technological potential. They are characterized by a transversal supply chain relationship, effectively disconnected from territorial development models. Casalpusterlengo is included in the Metadistrict of Food Biotechnology together with other 120 Lombardy municipalities, including the Lodigiano: Borghetto Lodigiano, Casalpusterlengo, Fombio, Lodi, Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Zelo Buon Persico.

In addition to the Chamber of Commerce of Lodi and the Padano Technological Park Foundation, some companies in the Lodigiano area are included in the Cluster of Agrofood Lombardia - CAT.AL High Technology Cluster, an aggregation of Lombard companies, universities and research centers that collaborate to increase and improve technological development and innovations in the agri-food sector. Through this synergy, a network of shared relationships and knowledge is created and strengthened to promote sustainable and forward-looking economic growth. The Cluster favors the unions and collaborations between specialized companies at all levels of the agri-food and agro-industrial chain. In addition, CAT.AL and its associates work together to enhance local companies, in order to communicate and expand at national and European level, and to compete with other states.

The Program Agreement, signed in February 2009 between the Lombardy Region, the University of Milan, the ISU, the Province, the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Lodi, established a University and Research Center, dedicated to the livestock and agri-food sectors at  European level, where are located important research and training facilities, including the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the State University of Milan, which moved from Milan to Lodi in 2018 and the University Veterinary Hospital of Lodi.

For the "CIMI area", a greenfield opportunity individuated by the Municipality for the AttrACT program, two possible vocations have been identified, those of Logistics and those related to industries of the production chains that are present and consolidated in the vast area.

Indeed, the opportunity depicts several competitive advantages regarding accessibility and services. It is located in a strategic area, especially with respect to the development axes of national logistics (A1 and A21 motorways) and close to the major public transport systems: 3 international airports (Linate, Bergamo - Orio al Serio, Malpensa) and high-speed stations . The area is also adjacent to an infrastructure production area with a high rate of services and development. Moreover, given the strong agro-food vocation of the area, the territory may also be relevant for investments relating to the entire agri-food chain, from production to transformation, from research to training.

As for professionalism and entrepreneurship, the area is favorable for the creation of synergies between important international companies in different sectors in the vast area, easy to supply for raw materials and semi-finished products. It also has a good vocation for businesses exports. There is also a common and strong availability by the Bodies and Categories Associations to create a favorable environment and to facilitate the activities of entrepreneurs.