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Place and year of establishment:
Italy, Lombardy, 2011

Arexpo is a public majority-owned company, founded in 2011, which aims at building value in strategic areas requiring regeneration, by transforming them into thriving places, thanks to innovative partnerships with private players. Arexpo owns the area that hosted Expo Milan 2015 and is in charge of its development. Its commitment has led to the creation of MIND Milan Innovation District, the first major case of a public-private partnership in Italy.

Lombardy with a turnover of 75 billion euros in the Life Sciences can boast all the players, all the patents, all the students, all the excellences to make innovation in an effective and competitive way and to be the most important region in Italy and in Europe in Life Sciences sector.

Igor De Biasio, CEO

Project in Lombardy

MIND counts public excellences like the Statale Universy of Milan, Human Technopole, the most important research center on genomics in Italy, and the Galeazzi Hospital; as well as private partners like Illumina, AstraZeneca, Rold, or Bio4dreams.

MIND represents a real opportunity for foreign investments: its 1 million square meter project has not yet been completed; accordingly, there are still opportunities for foreign companies to invest in its real estate development. These competitive advantages, together with District’s position, strategically located near to the city center of Milan, and the increasingly number of start-ups that every year grow in Mind, make the Innovation District "a real land of opportunities for investments of all kinds".

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