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Expand or relocate your company

If you’re thinking of moving and are looking for more suitable spaces or if you are looking for new opportunities for your daily operations, we can support you in finding new and existing locations.

Invest in Lombardy, thanks to the settlement opportunities sponsored by the AttrACT Program, its private professionals network and its close contact with the Municipalities, is able to help you with: 

  • General support to the expat workers in the relocation process in the regional territory
  • The definition and presentation of the characteristics of the “territorial offer” of the Region
  • The search and selection of suitable spaces for your business (offices, temporary shops, industrial properties, and much more)
  • Managing contacts with the Municipalities, real estate agencies, business centers, incubators, scientific and technological parks, and other market players.

We can also provide you with the assistance in managing the relocation of expat workers and support you in the actions necessary to bring back your activities in Lombardy.


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