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Urban intergeneration integrated social housing project for the Biumo Inferiore district

Via Cairoli, 12 - 21100 - Varese (VA)


The target of this project is the Urban Intergeneration of the Biumo Inferiore District through a process of redevelopment of public buildings. Three specific objectives:

1) increasing the supply of public housing services (SAP) by achieving full use of the existing SAP assets located in the neighborhood;
2) enriching the supply of social housing services (SAS), by activating a student residence spread over two locations, aimed at fostering an intergeneration process by promoting mixité and transversal links between different population groups;
3) triggering a process of regeneration of the Biumo Inferiore district, through an offer of urban and proximity services and an action to strengthen urban infrastructures (public green system) consistent with the policy of civic centers and strategic projects for territorial development. The intervention on the buildings allows to restore the architectural quality of an underused historical heritage and in some cases even in a state of neglect with the aim of promoting a different perception of the context, highlighting its potential, from the point of view of housing quality and the ability to generate virtuous mixes between residential functions and services, amongst different types of users. The intervention on the courtyards aims at improving the use and the perception of a valuable example of Lombard architecture, promoting a contemporary and innovative collective use, which pays particular attention to the common open spaces and ground floors. The planned interventions also concern open spaces and green areas, in particular the redevelopment of the Garden in Via Arconati adjacent to the Compendio Cagna, frieze in via Cairoli, today an underused green space.


Varese is the 4th most populous province in Lombardy (878,059 inhabitants) after the metropolitan city of Milan and after the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo. A peculiar characteristic of the province is its polycentricity. The town of Busto Arsizio (83 008 pop.) Is slightly more populous than the provincial capital Varese (79 639); equally important are the cities of Gallarate (53 964) and Saronno (38 411). The active population proportion with respect to the overall resident population from this territory is 63 %.
It is an important Lombard industrial center and its metropolitan area is home to some important companies at national and world level. Among the prominent companies: Bassani Ticino (an Italian engineering company founded in Varese in 1936 and acquired by the French industrial group Legrand in 1989). We also mention firms like Aermacchi (aeronautics and motorcycles), MV Agusta and Cagiva (motorcycles); Ignis (later Whirlpool); Prealps (butter and cheeses); Vodafone Automotive (automotive). This area hosts 6,746 companies, most of them belonging to the tertiary sector (3,550 - 52%), followed by those active within the secondary ones (3,087 - 46%) and finally by those active within the primary sector (109 - 2%). The number of companies that include foreign participations are 382 (source: Province of Varese).
The Municipality is crossed by the A8 Motorway (the so-called Autostrada dei Laghi, Lakes Motorway, the first toll motorway in the world), of which it is one of the extremes together with Milan, and by a system of ring roads known as the Varese ring road system. As far as education is concerned, we find the European School of Varese, one of only 14 European Schools in the European Union and the only one in Italy. In addition, we mention the University of Insubria, with its relevant close collaboration with the municipal administration, and the University Institute in the sciences of linguistic mediation.
An urban intergeneration intervention is underway, an integrated social housing project for the Biumo Inferiore district in Varese (a student residence) and an expression of interest is in place for the selection of sustainable urban development strategies to be promoted through structural funds and European
investments for the period 2021-2027 (EX DGR 4151/2020) for the San Fermo district.
It is useful to know that the Entity has adopted measures to reduce charges, taxes and duties in favor of entrepreneurial activities.




Total GFA

8.090 mq (residential 5.660 mq = 68 apartments; service building 2.430 mq )

Reference sector

Student Housing



Type of operation


Investment type


Asset Value/Investment Value

FIT OUT service building = 2.430 mq x 200 €/mq = 486.000 €
FIT OUT apartments = 5.660 mq x 200 €/mq = 1.132.000 €

Competitive advantages

spaces to services expected duration of the agreement 20 years

space management fees for services = 2,430 sq m x 4 € / sq m = 9,720 € per year for the first 10 years
space management expenses for services = 2,430 sq m x 8 € / sq m = 19,400 € per year for the next 10 years
total estimated management fee: € 291,600
overall total (fit out + management expenses) = € 777,600

business revenue from the management of service spaces = 2,430 m2 x 20 € / m2 = 48,600 € per year
total: 48,600 x 20 = 972,000 €

operating income (the income derived from the investment made) / invested capital
roi calculation: (972.000 - 777.600): 777.600 = 0.25

moderate rent housing
duration of the agreement 20 years

residence space management costs = 5,660 sq m x 4 € / sq m = 22,640 € per year for the first 10 years
residence space management costs = 5,600sqm x 8 € / sqm = 45,280 € per year for the next 10 years
estimated total management costs: € 679,200
overall total (fit out + management costs) = € 1,811,200

revenue from housing management
no. accommodations: 68 x € 1,500 (annual rent) = € 102,000
total: 102,000 x 20 = 2,040,000

operating income (the income derived from the investment made) / invested capital
roi calculation: (2,040,000 - 1,811,200): 1,184,000 = 0.13

Competitive advantages

The project concerns the recovery of several buildings with an historical and architectural value, placed in the urban context of Biumo Inferiore, a district in the city of Varese. The areas are in direct continuity with the main historic center, just few minutes walk away from the new railway station compartment, that is undergoing phase of significant regeneration. The location is close to the stops of the main TPL lines with frequent daily runs (approximately every 10 minutes during peak hours). The construction of a new important residential settlement with adjacent services enables us to assume a high profitability of the spaces of which the area is lacking.


A8 Varese Milano - Varese

2 km

Viale Belforte

< 1 km

Railway Station

< 1 km

Milano - Malpensa (VA) - MXP

20 km

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