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Sabbioneta - Villa Cantoni - Marca

Via Santuario 30 - 46018 - Sabbioneta (MN)


An architecturally historic building, the holiday resort of the 18th century Villa Cantoni-Marca is located in the municipality of Sabbioneta, a UNESCO heritage site. The building is a court with a manor house and accessory wings, inserted in a centuries-old park, under the protection of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Since 2016, restoration work has been underway with the aim of using the building for tourist accommodation functions. The presence of an equipped kitchen, a spacious hall and reserved rooms (bedrooms with private bathrooms) make it suitable for even more functions, such as catering, events, meetings, wedding parties, hospitality and other activities to be held both inside and outside in the large garden.


Sabbioneta is a town in the province of Mantua. It is situated about 30 kilometers north of Parma, not far from the northern bank of the Po River.
Sabbioneta was founded by Vespasiano I Gonzaga in the late 16th century along the ancient Roman Via Vitelliana, on a sandy bank of the Po river. In 2008, Sabbioneta was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List as a recognition of its perfect example of practical application of Renaissance urban planning theories.




Total GFA

2.315 sqm

Reference sector



Investors, Final users

Type of operation

Redevelopment, restauro

Investment type

Sales, Location, Partnership

Asset Value/Investment Value

Asset value15.000.000 €, investment value 7.000.000 €

Competitive advantages

Commercial management 800.000-1.000.000 €/year

Competitive advantages

Prestigious building, singularity of the building, high profitability, immediate usability.



1 km

Railway Station
Parma (PR)

27 km

Valerio Catullo, Villafranca (VR) - VRN

68 km

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