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Crema - Ex area Olivetti

Via Olivetti - 26013 - Crema (CR)


Relaunch of the northeast area of Crema involving the three areas of which it is composed:
• industrial area through the creation of a web application capable of enhancing and promoting the area in order to attract private investments, highlighting the existing services, the established companies, the available areas, the viability and giving a better awareness of one's own productive capital.
• university site with the hypothesis of establishing a €pean Center for Research and Higher Education in Applied Mathematics of international significance with consequent renovation / accessibility of the entire university building and subsequent development of connections with the surrounding urban fabric.
• former Cascina Pierina 105,000 square meters of space to be redeveloped and redefined to serve the community.


Crema is a city in the province of Cremona, in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy at 43 kilometers from Cremona.
Crema is the center of gravity of the homogeneous area formed by 50 municipalities and more than 160.000 inhabitants who gravitate on Crema for school services for shopping, leisure, cultural activities, services.
The 50% of the turnover in the manufacturing sector of the entire Province of Cremona is produced in this area, and the economic vocation of Crema are: Agro-food industry, Cosmetic
industry, Meccanic industry, Culture and Tourism, Service to people.




Total GFA

To date, as there is no definitive project, but only one hypothesis of project idea, it is not possible to provide the GFA therefore land surfaces are provided.
The area covers a total area of 518,000 sqm.
Going into the details of the various intended uses:
Production 324,500 sqm
Directional 23,300 sqm
School 22,500 sqm
Residential 9,500 sqm
Green 83.900 sqm

Reference sector

Student Housing, Industrial, Education and Training, Services


Operators, Final users, Developers, Investors

Type of operation

Nuovo progetto, Redevelopment, Rigenerazione urbana e sviluppo

Investment type

Sales, Partnership, Concession

Asset Value/Investment Value


Competitive advantages

Not available to date - to be developed according to projects

Competitive advantages

• Valuable industrial heritage.
• Central location with respect to large urban centers in one of the most regions rich and innovative from Italy and €pe.
• Consolidated industrial fabric that allows world interaction university-business world.
• Possibility of creating a €pean research center in applied mathematics.
• Relatively high quality of the living environment.
• First-rate human capital to be enhanced.
• Presence of an Operations Research laboratory.


A35 - A35 Romano di Lombardia

16 km


5 km

Railway Station
Crema (CR)

1 km

Orio al Serio (BG) - BGY

44 km

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