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Cabiate - Home-work 4.0: the art of doing (living and working) combined with innovation

Piazza Umberto I - 22060 - Cabiate (CO)


The Municipality of Cabiate, intends to promote the recovery of the abandoned areas and of the entire Borgo di Cabiate where they are included, to be able to setting up beyond the residence, also other activities able to renew the original relationship between home and work that has characterized the development of the Village of Cabiate in the past, certifying its identity both from a socio-economic, urban and building point of view.
The possibility that new activities can be established in brownfield areas and more generally in the Borgo di Cabiate is high, since the Borgo is still typologically and morphologically structured by the old relationship between home and shop and therefore already predisposed to receive new activities in a connective tissue of residence and services to people and activities.


Cabiate is a municipality in the Province of Como, located about 20 kilometres north of Milan and about 20 kilometres southeast of Como. The first historical reference about the origin of the town comes from 745 that grew around a castle. Nowadays, the town is home to several large companies working in the furniture sector. The Municipality of Cabiate is located in the Groane Regional Park and in the wood and furniture district and is 30 minutes away by train from Milan.




Total GFA

ATR 02 4.841,00 sqm of which maximum 70% for the residence
ATR 03 3.245,00 sqm of which maximum 70% for the residence
ATR 04 9.890.00 sqm with a maximum of 70% for the residence
ATR 06 1.240.00 sqm with the maximum of 70% for the residence
ATR 07 1,800.00 sqm with the maximum of 70% for the residence
Villa Padulli 1.607.00 sqm for public or private services

Reference sector

Hospitality/Tourism, Residential, Education and Training, Commercial/Retail, Entertainment, Student Housing


Investors, Operators, Final users

Type of operation

Redevelopment, Restauro, Urban regeneration and development

Investment type

Sales, Partnership, Concession

Asset Value/Investment Value

ATR02 € 8.242.609
ATR03 € 5.525.153
ATR04 € 15.417.647
ATR06 € 2.171.307
ATR07 € 3.064.800
Villa Padulli € 2.736.185

Competitive advantages

ATR02 13.877.900 €
ATR03 9.302.700 €
ATR04 25.957.300 €
ATR06 3.554.300 €
ATR07 5.160.000 €
Villa Padulli 4.607.100 €

Competitive advantages

Villa Padulli is the most valuable building in the entire municipal area; historically the territory is recognized to be exactly halfway between Como and Milan (between Lake Como and the Milanes metropolis)


Ex Strada Statale 35 Milano-Meda

3 km

Railway Station
Cabiate (CO)

< 1 km

Milano - Malpensa (VA) - MXP

49 km

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