The Strategic Alliance of Northwest Italy: Lombardy Leading the Way for Interregional Growth

Merging of skills and synergies for the future of the Italian economy in five key sectors

Alongside Piedmont and Liguria, the Lombard region is committed to consolidating unprecedented collaboration on vital issues such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy industry
  • Microelectronics
  • Logistics
  • Automotive

At the heart of this initiative lies the creation of interregional supply chains, uniting the expertise and resources of the three regions to foster economic development and innovation.

The goal is ambitious yet necessary: to offer businesses new growth opportunities and effectively compete in the national and international markets. Each thematic working group has yielded significant results, outlining concrete strategies for the future.

In the aerospace sector, discussions revolved around establishing an interregional ecosystem that maximizes existing expertise and infrastructure, becoming a strong reference point nationally and internationally.

Concerning the energy industry, the focus was on renewable energies and integrating hydrogen into production processes, with a particular emphasis on decarbonization and environmental sustainability.

In the microelectronics sector, there was talk of the need to promote the training of specialized skills and strengthen collaboration between research and businesses to remain competitive in the European landscape.

The logistics sector highlighted the importance of modal shift from road to rail and digitalization to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of freight transportation.

Lastly, in the automotive sector, discussions centered on combating component disaggregation and incentivizing further investments in renewable fuels, as well as promoting research and development as a competitive advantage for the region.

Throughout, internationalization of businesses emerged as a key objective, with the need to promote the Northwest Italy's economic ecosystem in the global market.

The next step will be to translate these ideas into concrete actions. The Strategic Alliance of Northwest Italy thus confirms itself as a model of effective regional cooperation promising for the future of the Italian economy.

In this scenario, Lombardy positions itself at the forefront in asserting a strong economic and industrial identity within the regional and national contexts.