SkyDeck Berkeley brings new startups to Lombardy

The Berkeley SkyDeck Europe project is bringing a wave of innovation to Lombardy with the arrival of 9 new startups

This business incubator, known for its headquarters in Berkeley, California, has expanded into Europe, with Milan chosen as its Italian base. This partnership between Berkeley SkyDeck and the Lombardy Region represents a significant step for the development of the startup ecosystem in the region.

The selected startups will benefit not only from a stimulating and collaborative environment but also from networking opportunities and access to crucial resources for business growth. Among the represented sectors are biotechnology, cybersecurity, and semiconductor technology, all of which are highly relevant sectors for innovation and economic development.

This partnership will not only promote the creation of qualified jobs but will also help solidify Milan and Lombardy's position as a European hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. With the support of prestigious academic institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley, and the backing of local authorities, new prospects are opening up for the growth and competitiveness of the Lombardy entrepreneurial landscape.

In a period of accelerated economic and technological transformation, initiatives like Berkeley SkyDeck Europe become crucial for promoting innovation, international collaboration, and creating long-term value for the entrepreneurial community and the entire region.