Five “Mixed Use Buildings” projects at Mipim - Cannes

The Lombardy Region promotes its territory as a destination of excellence for international investments, illustrating its advantages and unique distinctive characteristics.

The Lombardy Region promotes its territory as a destination of excellence for international investments, illustrating its advantages and unique distinctive characteristics: from the economic and production system to innovative scientific excellences, from the quality of infrastructure and transports to the hospitality reserved to investors through the operational support service that  takes charge of investment projects and coordinates the authorization procedures.

Among the real estate development projects that the Lombardy Region will promote as "Mixed Use Building", within the subject of regeneration of abandoned areas,  is the Regeneration of the courtyards of the old carpentry, located  on the edge of the historic urban center of the Municipality of Limido Comasco (CO).

This project will entail an intervention on an area of approximately 8,000 square meters, whose intended functions are residential with the presence of complementary services such as offices,  craftsmans services, public offices, retail trade etc. Also for the former Zanardi Bonfiglio Military Barracks, a building of historical value and a grandiose example of military architecture built around 1860 in the Municipality of Voghera, the functional recovery of both the building and the courtyards is expected for tourist accommodation or offices.

Four other projects concern the development of large urban areas which involve the reorganization of entire neighborhoods. One is the innovative area proposed by the Municipality of Cisano Bergamasco with the Domus Colombera intervention. A project consisting of a functional mix presenting residential areas, health and care facilities for the elderly - on the type of northern European “biovillage”-, commercial spaces, services, green areas-parks and vegetables-and-fruits gardens, a belvedere and cycle-pedestrian networks along the Adda river. The total value of the neighborhood, which will be built under the Project, is approximately € 37,000,000.00. In the Municipality of Lesmo, moreover, experts are preparing the Project for the regeneration of the former school complex and the historic center which includes the amelioration (or recovery) of the building of  the former town hall, the reorganization of  viability, and the transformation of a main road into a square and a pedestrian gallery.

The art of doing (living and working), combined with innovation, is instead the Project presented by the Municipality of Cabiate which intends to promote the recovery of abandoned areas and the entire Borgo di Cabiate. The aim of the project is that of allowing not only the re-settlement of part of the population in this area, but also the comeback of some work-related activities into the Borgo, renewing in this way the original home-work relationship that characterized the development of the Borgo di Cabiate in the past and  certifying its identity from a socio-economic and urbanistic point of view. The project, which would make Villa Paduli available as a research site, provides for an economic investment of over 37,157,700 euros for an area of 30,226 square meters of territorial-surface and 20,179 square meters of gross-floor-surface.

For further information on the projects promoted at Mipim 2022, you can consult the technical informative presentations, including rendering and floor plans, on the websites  and