Milan's Smartness in European comparison

From the "Booklet Smart City 2024" by Assolombarda, Milano emerges as a cutting-edge city thanks to the adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions that enhance the quality of life for its citizens.

Among the key indicators, smart mobility is one of the sectors in which the city particularly excels, with the implementation of advanced public transport systems and shared mobility solutions.

Another significant aspect is energy management, where the Lombard capital has adopted numerous initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. This exemplifies the strong commitment of the Lombardy region towards a more sustainable future, characterized by green innovation and energy efficiency.

Digital innovation is another field in which Milan excels. The adoption of advanced technologies and the integration of digital systems into public services contribute to making the city more efficient and livable. Lombardy, as a whole, is heavily investing in digitalization, with initiatives aimed at transforming the entire region into a technological hub.

The European comparison not only highlights the strengths of the city but also the areas where improvement is possible. This provides a roadmap for the future urban development of the city, underscoring the importance of collaboration between public and private entities to achieve smart city goals.

Milan's success will serve as a model for other cities in Lombardy, encouraging sustainable and innovative growth throughout the region.