A showcase for Lombardy’s opportunities: greenfields and brownfields in search of new investors

A new expression of interest for the attraction of foreign investment to Lombardy

Abandoned areas to be redeveloped with the aim of giving them a new use, according to their characteristics and relations with the context in which they are located. Industrial and craft sheds waiting for new settlements. Greenfields and brownfields to be transformed into offices or logistics and transport areas, if they are easily accessible from an infrastructural point of view. Old hotels, barracks, schools and churches that can be transformed into tourist accommodations, student residences or hospitals. The solutions can be different, up to that of temporary use, that is a temporary use of spaces, which very often gives life to laboratories and incubators of ideas.

The Invest in Lombardy-AttrACT Program, since 2017, aims to accompany and support Municipalities and investors both in the promotion of the territory and in the activities of settlement. The new Call Invest in Lombardy-AttrACT offers a great and free possibility to the Municipalities of Lombardy to publish on the online platform www.investinlombardy.com the settlement opportunities available in their territory, so that they have the right visibility and, if interested by investment, they can relaunch an entire area, enrich the city in which they are located and give new value to the territory.

The initiative, whose current deadline is set for March 31, 2023, intends to give further revival and new perspectives to the project in order to increase the network of participating Municipalities and the attractive capacity of the Lombard territory even after 2022.

For all the information on the Call contact the Invest in Lombardy Team by e-mail at the following mailboxes: luciana.tosi@promositalia.camcom.it and loredana.basilico@promositalia.camcom.it. or by calling 02 8515.5134 or 02 8515.5212.