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Why invest in the province of Mantova

The province of Mantova is situated to the south-east of Milano. It occupies a strategic position near the capital of Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia regions.

Mantova is economically prosperous with around 42,800 companies, many of them small enterprises. Almost half (42%) are in the agriculture and trade sectors. 59% are owned by individuals, while a lot of firms employ just one worker (46.7%) or 2-5 workers (28.5%). Only 0.3% of enterprises employ more than 100 workers. Mantova is an affluent province (it has a GDP per capita of Euro31,521.22) and is wide open to international markets. In 2011 exports reached a total value of Euro 5,380 million.

Mantova's main trading partners are EU countries (Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain and Austria) and trade is concentrated in the following sectors: metals and metal products (20%); machinery (16%); clothes (15%); chemicals (14%); and food products (8%).

Freight transport system

The port of Mantova Valdaro is the natural terminus of the Mantova- Adriatic waterway and the most important intermodal and logistics base in eastern Lombardy. Its trimodal freight transport system is world-class.

Logistics and transport

The quality of infrastructure and intermodal transport links places the province of Mantova at the forefront of logistics both in Lombardy and in Italy and greatly improves access to international markets.

Strategic location

Aside from its strategic location, Mantova is blessed with natural resources and has a rich cultural and artistic heritage. The province thus offers plenty of opportunities for cultural tourism.

Sustainable development

Growth prospects for companies that have sustainable development as a priority are very bright. Businesses of this type are choosing to invest in Mantova so they can help regenerate its industrial system.

International trading routes

The province of Mantova lies near the heart of Europe and pivotal international trading routes. As well, Mantova is near to the most important Italian logistics centers. Verona (the most important logistics base in northern Italy) is only 40 km away as well.

Key facts


Cultural tourism. Mantova is known for its world famous literature festival. Each year, readers from all over Italy converge on the city for one whole week.

Energy recovery

Qualification of wood materials for recycling and / or energy recovery.

Textile and footwear district

Castel Goffredo textile and footwear district produces 60% of European women's stockings and 30% of those made in the world. It is due to the perfect combination of craftmanship and technology innovation.


Agricolture and food processing offer great development opportunities.

Innovation hub

3 Research center / Innovation center / Technology parks
  • AGIRE scarl
    Agenzia per la Gestione Intelligente delle Risorse Energetiche, one of the nearly 400 Energy Management Agencies co-financed by the European Commission.
  • CRIL
    Centro di Ricerche Imballaggi Legno e Logistica aimed at qualification of wood materials for recycling and / or energy recovery.
  • Tecnologos Srl - involved in green building projects.
In Mantua there are two major university districts:
  • Politecnico of Milan, which provides university courses in Architecture both a bachelor's and master's degree program.
  • The University of Brescia with the Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Management


Key sectors

Agriculture & Food processing

The agriculture sector is crucial to the Mantova economy and its superb performance makes it an attractive area for investment. Ample space is still available for businesses looking for development opportunities along the supply chain. The success of agriculture is closely linked to the fortunes of the food processing industry, which makes excellent use of local produce.

Textiles & Stockings

This sector is very much on the up. The Castel Goffredo industrial district is home to prominent textile companies and women's stocking manufacturers. 75% of all women's stockings made in Italy, 60% of those made in Europe and 30% of those made in the world come from here. The province can thus be considered a world leader. Businesses also have expertise and advanced technology at their disposal, as well as having access to financial capital and machinery.

Agricultural engineering

The fact that the majority of companies in this sector are small enterprises benefits investors in two ways: one, it guarantees a flexible and structured approach to production; and two, these small enterprises are ideally placed to network, which strengthens their impact on foreign markets and helps them to meet different demands.

Home furnishings

SMEs dominate this particular sector and produce a wide range of high quality home furnishings (furniture, ornaments, linen etc.).


Woodworking is a widespread activity in Mantova and product quality is extremely high. Industry approaches aim to embrace tradition and innovation at the same time. Production processes often use recycled wood waste, mainly from imported goods. This allows companies to reposition themselves on foreign markets as eco-sustainable manufacturers, something that is key to their success.

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