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Why invest in the province of Lodi

The province of Lodi (on the southern outskirts of Milano) is a hub of specialist and profitable economic activity. The service sector produces the 60% of the value-added, backed by strong retail networks, a solid banking system, a highly developed ITC sector and excellent logistics. The area is also easily accessible, situated at the heart of important transport route interchanges. Industry is dominated by a strongly export-oriented manufacturing sector in which particular emphasis is placed on computer products, chemicals and engineering equipment. A great number of multinational enterprises have recently opted to start up business operations in the area.

Due to cutting-edge robotic systems 4 million tons of milk are produced annually by the farms. With this result, Lodi is one of the leaders in the production of milk in Lombardy.

Strategic position

Lodi's location is very advantageous because of its close proximity to Milano (there are excellent transport links between the two) and because it is an integral part of important road and communications networks.

Opportunities for investment

The area's economic fabric provides plenty of opportunities for investment. Potential investors will find innovative enterprises in all market segments and will be able to rely on the support of local business communities that constantly look to network and strike up partnerships.


Business clusters, such as the Parco Tecnologico Padano and important research centres, are crucial in supporting innovation in Lodi, not forgetting the sterling work of highly qualified human resources.

Development of business

The area's competitive, dynamic and strongly export-oriented market has paved the way for the development of existing businesses and the foundation of new ones.

Craft Sector

The quality of Lodi's craft sector has a long and distinguished history (the production of ceramics dates back to 1400, for example) and is one of the province's defining characteristics. Lodi’s mix of small and large business creates a unique system capable of generating economies of scale and business networks.

Key facts


Due to cutting-edge robotic systems 4 million tons of milk are produced annually by the farms. With this result, Lodi is one of the leaders in the production of milk in Lombardy.


The Parco Tecnologico Padano hosts many organisations involved in the Agro-Biotech sector as well as an enterprise Incubator and a Business Park, which make Lodi one of the main EU Agro-Biotech Clusters. Lodi's flagship sector is agricolture, especially livestock.


Lodi's location is very advantageous because of its close proximity to Milano(there are excellent transport links between them) and because it is an integral part of important roads and communication networks.

Innovation hub

4 Research center / Innovation center / Technology parks
  • Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP)
  • "DNA controlled" brand
  • "Artistic, traditional and quality ceramics"
  • Ceramic products from the area bear the exclusive "Vecchia Lodi" designation
1 University
  • Lodi Campus | University of Milan

Key sectors


Creative Industry The chemical and cosmetic sector in the province of Lodi is very competitive, producing quality and technologically advanced goods. This is partly due to the contribution of a support network of innovation centres. The variety of goods produced is also worth mentioning. Cosmetic products, pharmaceutical products and industrial additives are all made in Lodi and processes, such as used oil disposal, are overseen here.


Engineering in Lodi can be described as a blend of traditional and modern processes. The top-end production facilities you can find here are safe, staffed by skilled personnel and run efficiently. In addition, the depth of ambitious entrepreneurs and export strategies has lead to great success on the global stage and products made in Lodi are available on leading markets from China to America.


Computing is a particularly interesting market segment in Lodi because it is currently experiencing substantial growth. A significant number of companies are now seeing the results of regional investment projects. Computing sector exports have shot up from 3% in 2009 to the current figure of 32%. Behind these statistics lie 35 hardware and 110 software producers, who mainly specialise in home computers, electronic devices and optical equipment.


The region's flat terrain as well as the proximity to key transport routes and interchanges is why many logistics firms have set up a base in Lodi. Two examples are the Apple logistics hub and the intermodal logistics centre at Secugnago (south of Milano), one of the largest in the country (226,000 sqm).

Agriculture & Food processing

The excellent working relationship between companies and research institutes has produced a vast body of research and knowledge for companies and investors to tap into. Companies specialising in the various aspects of the milk and livestock supply chains work alongside the Parco Tecnologico Padano, an internationally renowned innovation cluster, which conducts research into agriculture, food processing and molecular screening.

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