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Mantova - "Mantova Hub" urban regeneration project: Research Center

Vicolo Maestro 12 - 46100 - Mantova (MN)


The Mantova Hub urban regeneration project, approved in 2016 (DGC n. 206 of 08/25/2016) foresees the requalification of a part of the city of approximately 90,000 square meters, located between the lakes of Mantova naturalistic area and the historic city center, object of landscape protection and UNESCO heritage. The intervention concerns an excerpt of the overall project and includes a former military building of high historical value which is expected to be restructured through the inclusion of a research center. The operation is based on a long-term concession (99 years) to an operator and developer able to invest, in addition to the intervention relevant from an architectural point of view, also in an activity aiming at developing a public or private/public nature research center linked to environmental sustainability thematic. Originally, the idea was to link research and development of start-ups in fields particularly connected to Mantova area environmental problems (pilot area in which starting the activities specifically in the field of decontamination).
However, the imagined re-conversion of the building and its location allow a general flexibility about research topics (also in relation to the most advanced technologies in different fields) with the aim of specializing the area , also with the emission of brevet in a dedicated field. The executive project allocates the spaces on the ground floor to management offices,classrooms, open laboratory with attached bioclimatic greenhouse, service rooms and technology room. In the loft or first floor other training and teaching classrooms and an area dedicated to guesthouse of the Center.


Mantova (Mantua) is a city located in the Lombardy Region and is the Capital of the province.
In 2007, Mantova old town was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mantova's historic power and influence under the Gonzaga family made of the City one of the main artistic, cultural, and especially musical hubs of Northern Italy, and of the Country. Mantova is known for its significant role in the history of opera; the city is also known for the architectural treasures and artifacts, the elegant palaces, and the medieval and Renaissance cityscape.
Mantova is three sides-surrounded by artificial lakes, created during the 12th century, as the city's defence system. The area and its environs are important not only in naturalistic terms, but also anthropologically and historically.




Total GFA

Education and Training 1.568 sqm.

Reference sector

Education and Training


Investors, Developers, Operators

Type of operation

Restauro, Rigenerazione Urbana e Sviluppo, Gestione

Investment type

Concession, Location

Asset Value/Investment Value

The Mantova Hub urban regeneration intervention has a complex value of around € 32.000.000,00. The demanded money for the Research center area is € 3.000.000,00

Competitive advantages

Research center: commercial management after 25 year from the activities launch revenues/year € 1.000.000,00

Competitive advantages

Fine building, central position in relation to the city and in an area of unique environmental and landscape interest



1 km

Railway Station
Mantova (MN)

2 km

Valerio Catullo, Villafranca (VR) - VRN

45 km

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