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Sant’Alessio con Vialone - 65 Active Biovillage

- 27016 - Sant'Alessio con Vialone (PV)


The 65 Active Biovillage arises from the growing demand of mixed residential centres in the immediate surroundings of the cities, where housing matches with recreation and aggregation services.
It is dedicated to that over 65 who need to live a healthy life with a rich spare time dedicated to sports and culture, and socialize at the same time.
Surrounded by a green landscape, accessible to only electric vehicles and bicycles - except for emergency services - it includes small/medium lodges with centralized services like laundry, tv and hobby rooms, cafeteria, dining hall,
shared kitchens, areas for personal gardening. The buildings are designed to follow the latest bio-architecture technologies: t hey would be made with straw-bale walls and inserted like hills in the landscape, with green and walkable roofs.
The project comprehend further services, open to a larger target: gym, outdoor and indoor swimming-pool, library, conference rooms, restaurants and an health centre dedicated.

Sant'Alessio con Vialone

Sant'Alessio con Vialone is a municipality in the Province of Pavia, located about 30 km south of Milan and about 9 km northeast of Pavia.
Sights include the eponymous castle and the annexed natural preserve.




Total GFA

16.000 sqm residential; 5.000 sqm services/commercial

Reference sector

Medical facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Student Housing, Hospitality/Tourism


Developers, Investors

Type of operation

Nuovo progetto

Investment type

Sales, concessione

Asset Value/Investment Value

30 MLN € - full coverage

Competitive advantages

Competitive advantages

Best position for this particular purpose: the area is very green and calm, but very well connected to Pavia and Milano.
The residence for active retired is one of the most increasing and remunerative
branch of investment in Italy.
The project is developed using the latest architectural techniques and is inteded to lasts: the environment will be respected and enhanced. All the buildings are inteded to be energetic self-sufficient. There is also the possibility to mix functions in order to achieve better results with student housing. Pavia has a prestigious University and the city has not enough dorm to serve their students.
The University of Pavia, is also searching for temporary accomodations for conventions.



1 km

Railway Station
Pavia (PV)

1 km

Linate (MI) - LIN

36 km

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