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Why invest in the province of Cremona

Cremona's business environment is an interesting mix of leading international players and, for the most part, small and micro enterprises in the agriculture and food processing sectors. These segments have remained economically stable in recent years as they are part of the real economy and are thus less exposed to periodic market fluctuations and international crises.

As well as historically more developed industrial sectors, metalworks engineering equipment exports are very common and substantial growth has been recorded in cosmetics.

Finally, the stock of companies currently registered with the Chamber of Commerce is very stable, and statistics on surplus value per economic sphere reveal that Cremonese agriculture is very important to the regional economy: it has the highest percentage of the overall total in Lombardy (4.4%).

Strategic position

Cremona is a growing industrial territory and offers a new industrial area of 1 million of sqm connected with intermodal transport system (by railway, roads and fluvial transport), strategically located in the centre of the river Po valley.

Cultural Heritage

Huge cultural, historical and artistic heritage. Cremona is undoubtedly the world capital of the most worldwide famous violin makers (Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati) with a tradition still alive nowadays in more than 150 local workshops.

Business opportunities

The area has a strong agricultural and breeding industry dating back over a thousand years, a very high level of applied technology and a production level among the highest in the world.

Development Centre

Cremona is home to a Public Local Business Development Centre which focuses on cosmetics and engineering.

High quality educational institutions

Important university research centres and private centres in the areas of agriculture, livestock, biomedicine, food processing, biotechnology and engineering.

Key facts


Availability of new growing industrial area of 1 million sqm.


Importance of agriculture: the figure of 4.4% of the total surplus value is the highest in Lombardy.

Music schools

International School for Violin Makers.

Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "Claudio Monteverdi" , Conservatorio di Cremona.

Innovation hub

3 Research center
  • Important university and private research centres in the areas of agriculture, livestock, biomedicine, food processing, biotechnology.
  • Avantea.
  • Centro di Ricerche Biotecnologiche dell’Università Cattolica.
  • Istituto Sperimentale Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani.
  • Technological innovation, represented by the Cremona "technology hub" and Politecnico di Milano.
In addition to the Milan Polytechnic - Polo territoriale which offers Degree Courses as the Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Cremona hosts university centers of other Lombard excellences:
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, with courses in various disciplines such as Agricultural and Food Processing;
  • University of Brescia, which offers Degree Programmes in Healthcare Professions;
  • The Department of Musicology and Cultural Heritage at the University of Pavia.  


Key sectors

Agriculture & Food processing

Agriculture & Food processing The agriculture and livestock sector in Cremona is noted for its high production levels, quality and the use of new technology. The wide range of well-known local brand products has led to the development of a network of successful food firms, supported by leading research centres which specialise in food treatment techniques and biotechnology. The Cremona Trade Fair is also the second largest event of its kind in Lombardy.

Metalworks engineering

The Cremona metalworks engineering sector is known for its efficiency in terms of production and organisational structure. Special emphasis is placed on product exports, which are highly competitive. The Cremona metalworks engineering sector has gradually strengthened its position on foreign markets over the years. As a result, SME networks have sprung up, increasing specialisation and boosting the number of leading steel producers based in the area.


Tourism The province of Cremona has a lot to offer tourists, mainly thanks to its important art and cultural heritage and historical figures such as Stradivari. The city is the lutherie capital of the world and has a "music district" where you can find the famous theatres. For companies looking to invest in nature tourism, Cremona has an extensive cycle path network and a strong rowing tradition, being surrounded by greenery and situated by the river Po.


A prominent cosmetics business district can be found in the province of Cremona, where businesses specialising in production, packaging and services are based. In addition, a Public Local Business Development Centre and a research centre have been set up to support businesses in the sector, placing know-how and the latest industry findings at their disposal.


ICT Commitment to new technology is apparent across the whole province, even in areas where more traditional activities are still prevalent. Private business networks in the ICT sector have been set up, flanked by the Cremona "technology hub" and the campus of Politecnico di Milano. A major plus that adds value to Cremona's profile is its digital infrastructure in the shape of fibre optic cable networks.

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